1955 Raleigh Track



  • Frame Number: RP361
  • Frame: Raleigh; RRA style lugs; Reinforcements and BB clearance cutout as per Reg Harris’ frames; Seat Tube 24″ ctt.


This track bicycle is believed to be circa 1955 and was built for Richard Blundell whose initials are on the seat tube.  The wheels were subsequently replaced by a pair with Airlite LF hubs with red-anodized flanges.  I no longer own this machine and am unable to give its full specififcation.

More Pictures:

Raleigh Track Bottom Bracket

Raleigh Track Down Tube

Raleigh Track Drive

Raleigh Track Fork Crown

Raleigh Track Head

Raleigh Track Rear

Raleigh Track Seat Cluster

Raleigh Track Seat Tube

Raleigh Track Stem

And here are pictures of people riding similar bikes:

Ray Booty

Ray Booty

Ray Booty