About Us

This website is all about Classic Factory Lightweight Bicycles. There are other websites with greater emphasis on bespoke classic lightweights, many of which are beautifully crafted, but their impact on world cycling was negligible compared to the output of the factories which produced many more bikes, generally at much lower cost, for the full range of customers – all ages, all types of bicycle usage. Our interest here, though, is the bicycles that were intended for racing and the bicycles that were the same as, or closely replicated, the bicycles used by sponsored team members.

A number of the bikes on this site are those that I have accumulated over time, and disposed of in some cases.  I do not consider my bikes a “collection”, they are just those that have some aesthetic or historical appeal at a certain point in time.  I do not subscribe to the view that an accumulation of bikes is a collection, as many do – with the consequence that you see questions on bike forums as to whether a particular bike is “collectable”.  Why worry about someone else’s opinion?  If a bike appeals and is affordable and well-priced, buy it, enjoy it, and then sell it if it loses its appeal.  We don’t need anybody’s approval for liking the bikes we do.

You will notice that there are some significant gaps in the makes represented on this website.  I would really like to fill those gaps if you have any bikes that fit the aims of this site.  Please send photos and any details you have – doesn’t have to be a highly detailed specification to be of value to others,