Belgium has always been a hotbed of cycling and producer of many cycle racing champions.  Not surprisingly, as a small country, it has not had many cycling factories, but has nevertheless produced some great bikes.

Flandria comes to mind as one of the great bicycles and one of the great cycling teams.  Flandria was run by two brothers who fell out and the factory was divided into two an dthen both halves expired.  Sadly, the name has been resurrected in a new UK brand that has nothing to do with the historic Flandria.  I am hoping that I can get details of a Flandria racing bicycle to include on this website.

Kessels was another manufacturer, on which I have not been able to find any substantial information.  They are best-known in classic cycling circles for having built bicycles for Eddy Merckx and for building Eddy Merckx brand bicycles, some of which were of very good quality and specification.  They also produced bicycles of much lesser quality.  They owned the Main d’Or brand.

Then Eddy Merckx started his own factory which did, and does, produce some excellent bicycles.

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