The Company:

Rossin is a relative newcomer to racing bike manufacture, the first models being announced in 1974.  The story of how the idea of manufacturing bicycles arose out of annoyance with Colnago over team sponsorship and rider contracts is outlined on the Rossin website – .  Mario Rossin had worked with Colnago and was brought in to start the company with Vittorio Ghezzi, sponsor of the Iclas and Itla teams, his son Giuseppe Ghezzi, Alberto Inzaghi and Domenico Garbelli, both members of the Itla staff – the five partners giving rise to the Rossin pentagon logo.  The company claims to have developed the aerodynamic disc wheel for bicycles in 1983 (which I do not doubt, but hope to find independent verification – so many cycling “innovations” in fact being resurrections of something that was first tried decades before).

Rossin has supplied bikes to a number of amateur and professional teams and their bikes have been ridden by some notable racing cyclists.  A useful resource for checking out historic and classic bike racing information is the Cycling Archives, which you can search for teams, bikes, riders and races.

The Bikes: