The Company

There is very little company history on the Daccordi website.  The following is paraphrased from what there is.  I hope to be able to add more and would welcome any contributions;

in 1937 Giuseppe Daccordi founded a small company for the construction of bicycle frames, which immediately after the Second World War, was dedicated solely to the production of high quality and precision frames for racing bicycles.

Giuseppe handed down to his son Luigi his experience and high standards so that, even today, the company continues with the traditional Daccordi precision always striving for the highest quality and perfection

Link to Daccordi website

The Bicycles

Coming shortly details of a 1980s Daccordi racing bicycle  with formed tubes of Oria ML25 and with Campagnolo Super Record groupset.  Please contact me via the Contact page if you have any bicycle pictures and details that can be added to the site.