1937 Wolsit Bicycle Catalog

The date of this catalog is an approximation based on the list of recorded racing successes which goes up to 1936.

It contains pictures of a number of famous racing cyclists including Alfredo Binda, Learco Guerra and Gino Bartali.

The only bicycle of real interest to racing bike enthusiasts is the Model 54 Corsa finished in Wolsit Green Paint.  It is a basic bicycle without gears but with wooden rims and tubular tires.  The Model 53 Mezza Corsa appears to be a budget version of this bike with regular wheels and tires and some other cheaper components – still in Wolsit green though.  Most of the bikes in the catalog are strictly utilitarian – not to denigrate them; they have their place, just not what this website is about.  The ultimate beauty of the bicycle is that it gets people about very efficiently under their own power.  I just hope that other people are preserving and recording these bicycles too.

The major racing successes noted were in the 1920s, leading to the conclusion that at some point round about 1930 or soon thereafter, Emilio Bozzi decided to make Legnano, rather than Wolsit, his premier racing brand.  The up and coming rider of the 1930s, Gino Bartali, is almost entirely associated with Legnano, more so than with his own Bartali brand which he rode for his last competitive years.  Here we see him in a Wolsit jersey – but maybe only for publicity.  I am not sure if he ever rode competitively for Wolsit.

Please let me know if you have more information or references that I can add.